Terms of Service

1. Terms

1.1 “Agreement” means the User Agreement, the terms, and conditions of which are outlined in this text.
1.2 “Website” means the website located on the Internet and registered at “eplay-info.com”.
1.3 “Company” means the copyright holder of the Site. Clauses of the Agreement containing the words “we”, “us”, “our” or “Company” shall also refer to the Company.
1.3. “User” shall mean an individual who has agreed to be bound by the terms of the Agreement.

2. General Terms and Conditions

2.1 By visiting or using the Site in any way, the User accepts and agrees to all of the terms of the Agreement.
2.2 The User is advised to read the text and clauses of the Agreement before agreeing to be bound by its terms.

3. Procedure for Amending the Terms of the Agreement

3.1 The Company reserves the right to make any changes to this Agreement unilaterally. The grounds for changes can be commercial, legal, or other reasons related to changes in the functionality of the Site or the services provided. Actual paragraphs of the Agreement come into force from the moment of their posting on the Website.
3.2 Informing visitors of any changes that take place by publishing the text of the Agreement on the Site, containing the amended paragraphs. The user is recommended to review the Agreement regularly and check for updates.
3.2 The User is personally responsible for familiarizing themselves with the current paragraphs of the Agreement.
3.3. By continuing to use the Site after updating the terms of the Agreement, the User expresses consent to all changes to the Agreement.

4. Website Changes

4.1 The Company aims at regular maintenance of operability and updating of the Website to improve the quality of the services provided. On this basis, the Company has the right to change the content of the Site, adjust the list of services, and make other changes at its sole discretion.

5. System Errors and Their Elimination

5.1 The Company shall eliminate failures of the Site, resulting from system errors or other malfunctions.
5.2 The Company will take all measures to find solutions to restore the performance and proper functioning of the Website as soon as possible.

6. Liability Limitation

6.1 The User personally makes a decision and is fully responsible for any actions, including visiting and using the Website, as well as any consequences of their actions.
6.2 The company is not responsible for the information placed on third-party web resources. Any materials of websites or resources, links, content, and other information data available as a result of using the Website are used by the User exclusively at their own risk.

7. Intellectual Property Rights

7.1 The Company is the owner of the intellectual and any other rights to the Site and its content.
7.2 Any information posted on the Site may only be used and downloaded on one computer. You may print out the above materials solely for your personal and non-commercial use.
7.3 Using the Site does not give the User any rights to any intellectual property owned by the Company or any third party.
7.4 The use or reproduction of trademarks, trademarks, logos, and other materials presented on the Site is prohibited.
7.5 Any damages, expenses, or costs, which were caused by wrongful or forbidden actions, are the responsibility of the User.
7.6 The User undertakes to immediately notify the Company of all cases of any prohibited activities with the Company and its intellectual property, and to assist and assist in the investigation if such will be carried out by the Company.

8. Personal Information

8.1 The Company has the right to collect, process, and store the personal information of Users.
8.2 All information received from Users, including copies of correspondence, is kept by the Company.
8.3 Personal information is used by the Company to improve the quality of services provided.
8.4 The Company applies security measures to store data.
8.5 Information may be provided based on lawful requests from government agencies.
8.4 We use “cookies” to identify Users. These are files that are stored on the physical media of the User’s device and allow to identify him/her when visiting the Website.
8.5 The User can make changes or delete these files, but such actions can make it difficult to access the Website.

9. Claim Settlement

9.1 All complaints, requests, claims, or other comments regarding the Site should be made through the feedback form on the Site, unless otherwise specified.
9.2 We take all necessary measures to review all communications as soon as possible.
9.3 The information received from Users, including correspondence and other records may be used in reviewing complaints and claims.


10.1 The Company shall not be liable for delays, failures in the operation of the Website, or failure to fulfill terms of the Agreement in cases when they occurred as a result of natural disasters, war, civil unrest, industrial disputes, interruptions in public utilities, DDoS attacks or other Internet attacks, can have a negative impact on the Website operation, as well as due to other force majeure circumstances.
10.2 For the whole period, during which force majeure circumstances act, the performance of the Company’s obligations under the Agreement shall be suspended and a grace period shall be applied to them.
10.3 The Company undertakes to apply measures to find a solution to ensure the fulfillment of the conditions of the Agreement.