Top PUBG Teams: World Rankings and Earnings

# Team Earnings Rating Last Game
1 GENGEN $ 3480428 130.00 11 months ago
2 SQSQ $ 1620282 0.40 11 months ago
3 NHNH $ 1602326 1150.00 10 months ago
4 FaZeFaZe $ 1545351 0.40 11 months ago
5 4AM4AM $ 1317605 - 10 months ago
6 TLTL $ 1149299 210.00 11 months ago
7 ZENZEN $ 1086162 - 1 year ago
8 MCGMCG $ 887946 - 11 months ago
9 IFTYIFTY $ 772997 - 10 months ago
10 HEROHERO $ 711764 700.00 11 months ago
11 VPVP $ 637629 500.00 11 months ago
12 NAVINAVI $ 631152 140.00 11 months ago
13 TSMTSM $ 608058 400.00 11 months ago
14 OMGOMG $ 559131 - 2 years ago
15 TSTS $ 533000 - 3 years ago
16 EntusFEntusF $ 489966 - 2 years ago
17 1717 $ 486604 0.20 10 months ago
18 GoldGold $ 441928 - 4 years ago
19 METAMETA $ 433859 - 1 year ago
20 DADA $ 433346 - 1 year ago
1 2 3 174

PUBG eSports Teams: All About Them

Professional competitions on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds involve eSports clubs from different countries. Each of the PUBG teams is a collective of players united by a common goal — to win and get better. Teams write history by winning competitions and setting an example of determination. These qualities have come to eSports from big sports and are firmly entrenched. And although in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds there is a factor of chance, which affects the course of matches, but the decisive role is played by skill and experience.

To achieve success, PUBG teams develop unique tactics, try to achieve synergy in players’ actions, optimize the training process, etc. In addition, managers of PUBG eSports teams are on the hunt for top players, trying to lure them into their club.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds as a pro discipline is relatively new, but the top teams have managed to earn fame and prestige. On this page we present the world ranking of eSports clubs, which take part in professional tournaments. This rating allows you to effectively evaluate the strength of each PUBG team at the moment.

3 Best PUBG Pro Teams In The World

The best PUBG team names are known not only to fans, but also to people far from it. Each of the star clubs boasts its own unique success story. We want to tell you a few of those stories.

Gen G. Esports

One of the world’s strongest teams, Gen G. Esports, was formed in South Korea in 2018. Classically, representatives of this region are considered to be some of the best eSports players. In the situation of Gen G. Esports, this is indeed the case. Every match involving this team is a headache for the opponents and a fascinating spectacle for the spectators. Undoubtedly, Gen G. Esports has earned its place among the top clubs by writing its name in the history of cybersports competitions.

Susquehanna Soniqs

The Susquehanna Soniqs of North America were formed in 2019. It is one of the dominant forces in its region, which knows how to impose the game on the opponent and keep him in suspense until he admits defeat. The professional players from the Susquehanna Soniqs roster have wins in the most prestigious tournaments behind them. That’s why this team is mentioned in our list.

FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan is another collective from North America. The organization is represented in several gaming disciplines, but the first roster to participate in Battle Royale was assembled in 2017. Since then, the team has not left the top of the PUBG rankings, confidently occupying the highest positions. FaZe Clan is a team that is loved and supported not only in the United States, but also in other countries. All because FaZe players never give up and always give their best to win.

What Criteria are Used to Rank Professional PUBG eSports Teams?

The PUBG world rankings allow you to assess the strength of teams and highlight the best of them. It is updated regularly every two weeks, so eSports teams move up or down based on their current results. The scores are based on the results of performances in professional matches over the last 6 months. Different competitions will award different number of points for participation, according to the level of prestige and difficulty of the particular tournament. Points will decrease over time until they disappear after 6 months. This approach allows for the most accurate assessment, as it displays the current merits of the teams and get an idea of who has more weight in the eSports arena today.