Upcoming Overwatch Tournaments

Date Tournament Prize Game
24.01.2022 NACE Starleague Spring 2022 $ 10000 Overwatch
24.12.2021 Saudi eLeagues Champions Cup $ 53281 Overwatch
17.12.2021 TEN 2021 Korea X China Team League Season 2 $ 6688 Overwatch
12.12.2021 Toronto Defiant Holiday Bash $ 3936 Overwatch
11.12.2021 Flash Ops Experimental Card Creator Cup $ 24000 Overwatch
03.12.2021 Collegiate Homecoming $ 27600 Overwatch
26.11.2021 TEN 2021 Korea X China Team League $ 6721 Overwatch
20.11.2021 NACE Starleague $ 10000 Overwatch
12.11.2021 Saudi eLeagues 2021 Season 2 $ 106642 Overwatch
05.11.2021 NetEase Esports X Tournament 2021 Winter $ 15643 Overwatch
23.10.2021 Mayhem Fall Classic 2021 $ 5000 Overwatch
16.10.2021 Will English IVitational 3 $ 4000 Overwatch
16.10.2021 MGA Community Overwatch Series #20 $ 840 Overwatch
18.09.2021 MGA Community Overwatch Series #19 $ 840 Overwatch
18.09.2021 HUE Invitational 2021 $ 10000 Overwatch
06.09.2021 Overwatch Contenders 2021 Season 3 $ 166800 Overwatch
19.06.2021 MGA Community Overwatch Series #18 $ 840 Overwatch
19.06.2021 Cheez-It Grooves College Esports Invitational $ 13500 Overwatch
14.06.2021 Overwatch Contenders 2021 Season 2 $ 566800 Overwatch
25.05.2021 Saudi eLeagues 2021 Season 1 $ 106635 Overwatch

The Richest Overwatch eSports Players

# Nickname Name Earnings
# Nickname Name Earnings
1 Republic of Korea Rascal Dongjun Kim $ 548404
2 Republic of Korea Hooreg Dong-eun Lee $ 455976
3 Republic of Korea STRIKER Namju Gwon $ 325372
4 Republic of Korea Gesture Jaehui Hong $ 324526
5 Sweden Nevix Andreas Karlsson $ 321648
6 Republic of Korea Profit Junyoung Park $ 320976
7 Republic of Korea Fissure Chanhyoeng Baek $ 305467
8 Republic of Korea Choihyobin Hyobin Choi $ 303352
9 Republic of Korea BIRDRING Ji Hyeok Kim $ 302655
10 United States sinatraa Jay Won $ 301290
11 United States moth Grant Espe $ 300884
12 Republic of Korea Architect Minho Park $ 294197
13 Republic of Korea Bdosin Seungtae Choi $ 294041
14 Republic of Korea Fury Junho Kim $ 291733
15 United States sleepy Nikola Andrews $ 290000
16 United States super Matthew Delisi $ 290000
17 Republic of Korea NUS Jongseok Kim $ 288320
18 Republic of Korea Closer Wonsik Jung $ 285041
19 Republic of Korea Smurf Myeong Hwan Yoo $ 283529
20 Republic of Korea Viol2t Minki Park $ 280000
21 Republic of Korea WooHyaL Seung-hyun Seong $ 279551
22 Republic of Korea Anamo Tae-sung Jung $ 261064
23 Republic of Korea Saebyeolbe Jong-ryeol Park $ 258995
24 Republic of Korea HaGoPeun Hyeonwoo Jo $ 257770
25 Republic of Korea Fl0w3R Hwang Yeon-oh $ 252483
26 Republic of Korea Mano Dong-gyu Kim $ 248801
27 Republic of Korea Libero Haeseong Kim $ 244520
28 Republic of Korea ArK Yeonjun Hong $ 242549
29 Republic of Korea JJONAK Seonghyun Bang $ 241200
30 Republic of Korea MekO Tae-hong Kim $ 241200
31 Republic of Korea Nenne Yeon-gwan Jeong $ 238973
32 Republic of Korea Haksal Hyojong Kim $ 208427
33 Republic of Korea BUMPER Sangbeom Park $ 208427
34 Republic of Korea Stitch Chunghee Lee $ 208427
35 Republic of Korea JJANU Hyunwoo Choi $ 200863
36 Republic of Korea TiZi Janghyun Hwang $ 197333
37 Republic of Korea Twilight Juseok Lee $ 187850
38 Republic of Korea RAPEL Jun Keun Kim $ 183903
39 Republic of Korea SeoMinSoo Minsoo Seo $ 181422
40 Republic of Korea SLIME Seong Jun Kim $ 180150
41 Canada Agilities Brady Girardi $ 173840
42 Australia Custa Scott Kennedy $ 173348
43 United States SPACE Indy Halpern $ 154780
44 Republic of Korea KariV Youngseo Bak $ 153325
45 France uNKOE Benjamin Chevasson $ 146939
46 United States KSF Kyle Frandanisa $ 146783
47 Republic of Korea janus Junhwa Song $ 144195
48 Sweden snillo Simon Ekström $ 143320
49 Republic of Korea Dayfly Park Jeong-hwan $ 137344
50 United Kingdom Boombox Isaac Charles $ 133343

Overwatch — Unconventional, But Very Popular eSports Shooter!

Overwatch is a team-based first-person shooter that incorporates elements of the MOBA genre. The game was developed by Blizzard Entertainment, which is known to gamers for its many legendary game projects. Therefore, when the game was released on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 platforms in 2016, it almost immediately blew up the gaming market and became a bestseller.

The game has quite a dynamic gameplay and was originally focused on eSports. Some players see it as the spiritual successor to another famous game — Team Fortress 2. Maybe it is true because Overwatch is a video game that is located at the junction of two genres. Blizzard have created a team shooter, but they have also added unique characters, each of which is endowed with unique abilities. These abilities are revealed in team confrontation, which makes the gameplay incredibly varied and interesting.

What’s the Sense of the Overwatch and How to Play?

The story tells us about a fantasy future in which Overwatch is a special squad of heroes. The squad is formed by the United Nations to fight the robot uprising that went down in history as the “Omnic Crisis”. Thanks to their heroism, the squad was able to avert disaster and save humanity by destroying Omnic’s command and control protocols. After ridding the world of evil, the group continued its activities, but after a while there was a rift between the heroes, and the squad was disbanded. However, when the world once again began to descend into chaos caused by the activities of terrorist groups, the heroes would once again come to the rescue.

The player is immersed in the atmosphere of a futuristic world, where there is a confrontation between two teams. According to the rules of the game, the members of each team choose unique characters that perform various tasks, covering their teammates, healing their health, or causing damage to the enemy. Unlike other team shooters where the character is impersonal, in OW each character has his own story, weapon, and set of abilities. This seriously affects the gameplay and makes it similar to Dota 2 or LoL.

Overwatch eSports — A New Look at Online Shooters!

When creating Overwatch, Blizzard Entertainment planned to revolutionize eSports. It has to be said that they succeeded. Esports Overwatch is not like those competitions that take place within other virtual sports disciplines. And here’s why:

  • Overwatch eSports, thanks to its special combination of genres, makes it stand out among other competitive disciplines. The spectacularity and dynamism distinguish its matches and give viewers the opportunity to get new emotions from watching eSports competitions.
  • The team spirit and cohesion in this game have the strongest impact on the results of matches. Teamwork is probably even more important here than in other shooters or MOBAs.
  • Professional Overwatch eSports is dozens of annual tournaments with big prizes. At the same time, anyone can start their career in this game. For this purpose, there are special tournaments that take place in the open division. This approach allows young players to realize their dream and become pro players.

Blizzard Entertainment has once again created a masterpiece. The game made a breakthrough, forcing gamers and viewers to look at eSport from new angles. This allows us to say that electronic sport is not closed in itself, but on the contrary, it is rapidly developing and open to new projects.