Overwatch Transfers and Roster Changes

Date Игрок Former Team New Team
04.08.2020 HuaMao Team1 -
04.08.2020 Zhufanjun Team1 China
04.08.2020 JIQIREN Team1 Miraculous
04.08.2020 YangXiaoLong Team2 CDH
04.08.2020 Creed Team2 CDH
04.08.2020 5king Team2 CC
04.08.2020 RUI Team2 CDH
03.08.2020 Stand1 SHD BOS
05.09.2019 TiZi VAN -
26.08.2019 Mcgravy VAL FLA
25.08.2019 FunnyAstro ATL GLA
25.08.2019 Custa GLA Australia
25.08.2019 KariV GLA GZC
25.08.2019 FCTFCTN GLA NBL
25.08.2019 Agilities GLA VAL
25.08.2019 KSF GLA HOU
25.08.2019 Decay VAL DAL
15.08.2019 Karayan FLA O2B
12.08.2019 Mizuki CC LTP
09.08.2019 Stellar BOS UA
06.08.2019 Fuze FUN LDN

Overwatch transfers largely determine the performance of teams in tournaments. This is a team game, where a lot depends on the coordinated and played actions of all members of the eSports team. A team consists of only six players, who can be present on the playing field at the same time. It is very important that all players can show during the match a high level of skill. For this, each player must have good reflexes, understand the team tactics and be able to communicate with teammates. Also, the club’s management should create a comfortable environment for training and personal growth, as well as make sure that the team maintains a favorable atmosphere.

One way or another, every player’s career is quite dynamic. Not every professional gamer can boast that he has never changed club colors during his participation in professional Overwatch tournaments. Transfers in the game happen quite often. As a rule, each such event causes a strong reaction in the eSports community.

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