Upcoming Overwatch Tournaments: Schedule and Prize Pools

# Tournament Prize Money Teams Players Teams /
24.01.2022 NACE Starleague Spring 2022 $ 10000 12 - 12 / -
24.12.2021 Saudi eLeagues Champions Cup $ 53281 4 - 4 / -
17.12.2021 TEN 2021 Korea X China Team League Season 2 $ 6688 4 - 4 / -
12.12.2021 Toronto Defiant Holiday Bash $ 3936 16 - 16 / -
11.12.2021 Flash Ops Experimental Card Creator Cup $ 24000 48 - 48 / -
03.12.2021 Collegiate Homecoming $ 27600 16 - 16 / -
26.11.2021 TEN 2021 Korea X China Team League $ 6721 4 - 4 / -
20.11.2021 NACE Starleague $ 10000 12 - 12 / -
12.11.2021 Saudi eLeagues 2021 Season 2 $ 106642 8 - 8 / -
05.11.2021 NetEase Esports X Tournament 2021 Winter $ 15643 6 - 6 / -
23.10.2021 Mayhem Fall Classic 2021 $ 5000 8 - 8 / -
16.10.2021 Will English IVitational 3 $ 4000 23 - 23 / -
16.10.2021 MGA Community Overwatch Series #20 $ 840 8 - 8 / -
18.09.2021 MGA Community Overwatch Series #19 $ 840 8 - 8 / -
18.09.2021 HUE Invitational 2021 $ 10000 16 - 16 / -
06.09.2021 Overwatch Contenders 2021 Season 3 $ 166800 16 - 16 / -
19.06.2021 MGA Community Overwatch Series #18 $ 840 8 - 8 / -
19.06.2021 Cheez-It Grooves College Esports Invitational $ 13500 34 - 34 / -
14.06.2021 Overwatch Contenders 2021 Season 2 $ 566800 40 - 40 / -
25.05.2021 Saudi eLeagues 2021 Season 1 $ 106635 8 - 8 / -
1 2 3 12

Overwatch Tournaments — Popular eSports Championships and Leagues

In modern eSports many disciplines host various competitions. But not all competitions can be classified as spectacular events that are popular with the audience. Overwatch tournaments are absolutely on the list of the most interesting and spectacular events in the entire esports space. Overwatch belongs to the genre of team shooters, but it contains important elements borrowed from MOBA. At the same time, all the battles taking place in the game are conducted at high speed, which determines the style of confrontation. High dynamics and spectacular battles make Overwatch eSports tournaments incredibly interesting and exciting. If you are interested in game competitions, we recommend you pay attention to Overwatch pro tournaments. And we will tell you about them in more detail.

The Most Spectacular Event — Overwatch World Championship

Overwatch eSports is represented by many annual events that vary in format and level of prestige. But the most prestigious, grandiose, and spectacular event is the Overwatch World Cup. This event brings together the best teams in the world, who fight for the title of world champion.

The first Overwatch Championship took place in 2016 and caused a furor in the community of eSports fans. At that moment it was clear to everyone that Blizzard had once again made a masterpiece by releasing a unique and unrepeatable game. The format and conditions of the tournament varied each year. Changed and the number of participants. But the venue of the world tournament remained unchanged. This was the conference center in Anaheim, USA. Blizzard is very fond of this place, so every year here holds all its events, including the Blizzcon festival. This gives fans a chance to attend the event in person and support their idols. And for those who stayed home and didn’t go to the championship, the Twitch platform organized match broadcasting. Broadcasts are available in several languages. Such a quality approach to the coverage of the Overwatch World Cup in the media space makes watching the matches incredibly comfortable. Millions of viewers who watch their favorite players’ performances on Twitch prove this. Well, we can’t say anything about the entertainment of what is happening on the screen. The best players in the world give 100%, demonstrating the highest skill in the game in order to win and write their names in the history of eSports!

The Main Overwatch Leagues

In addition to the World Championship, there are other Overwatch tournaments that take place in popular leagues. The prize funds of the top leagues can reach several million dollars. Let’s list the most famous series of tournaments:

  • Open Division. The name of the series speaks for itself. These competitions open the way for newcomers to professional eSports. Anyone can take part in them, and if they can show good results, they will make the first steps to the beginning of their professional career.
  • Contenders Trials. More serious competition for amateurs who have already been able to get through the Open Division games.
  • Contenders. Regional tournaments for semi-professional players. Winning these competitions gives you the opportunity to join a professional team and become a pro gamer.
  • Overwatch League. This professional league hosts the most prestigious and profitable Overwatch championships.

How Does an Overwatch Tournament Work?

When Blizzard created the leagues in Overwatch, it was clearly inspired by the classic sports popular in the North American region. The tournament grid, the competition format, and even the process of selecting players for teams remind us of what we see in the NBA and NHL. At the same time, each championship in addition to its competitive part includes a show, which is held especially for the fans. Thus, the organizers are trying to have a dialogue with the audience, immersing it in the process of competition and making it clear that the fans are the main participants in everything that happens. The organizers spare no money and do everything to make each event memorable for the fans of the game.

Up-to-date Information About Overwatch Tournaments on ePlay-Info

You can personally verify the above-mentioned and get bright emotions from watching the championships. To choose the right event, we advise you to pay attention to the upcoming Overwatch tournaments posted on our website. Here you can find comprehensive information about all events and their rules and prize funds, as well as the results of past matches, team ratings, and the latest news. We provide you with a convenient information service with verified and up-to-date information, which is automatically updated around the clock.