Top Overwatch Teams: Rankings and Stats

# Team Earnings Rating Last Game
1 SFSSFS $ 3330000 - 1 year ago
2 SHDSHD $ 2422750 - 1 year ago
3 LDNLDN $ 1425000 - 1 year ago
4 NYENYE $ 1235000 - 1 year ago
5 SEOSEO $ 1143100 - 1 year ago
6 ATLATL $ 1125000 - 1 year ago
7 PHIPHI $ 1045000 - 1 year ago
8 VANVAN $ 900000 - 1 year ago
9 GLAGLA $ 842000 - 1 year ago
10 DALDAL $ 640000 - 1 year ago
11 RUNRUN $ 467823 - 1 year ago
12 NVNV $ 463408 - 2 years ago
13 HZSHZS $ 435000 - 1 year ago
14 VALVAL $ 415000 - 1 year ago
15 BHBH $ 360768 - 1 year ago
16 EMEM $ 355776 - 1 year ago
17 CCCC $ 303460 - 1 year ago
18 Lunatic HaiLunatic Hai $ 299947 - 4 years ago
19 O2BO2B $ 298960 - 11 months ago
20 CDHCDH $ 275000 - 1 year ago
1 2 3 88

The Best Overwatch Professional Teams

In this section you can find all Overwatch professional teams that compete and take their place on the podium. We have formed a special Overwatch team ranking, which allows you to judge their strength and form at the moment. You can easily find out which team is the strongest today.

The best Overwatch eSports team is at the top of our ranking. However, not everyone is able to hold a leadership position all the time. The struggle for first place is serious because the most outstanding eSports teams are fighting for it. And if the players have a hard time, because you need to keep in shape and train hard, it’s only good for us, because we can enjoy the interesting matches. Winning tournaments is what gives professional teams the glory and points that determine their position in the world rankings.

This section of our site will be useful for all fans of eSports, who monitor the situation in the professional arena. Rating will tell you which Overwatch teams are at the peak of their form, and which are not in the best way. Based on the information obtained, you can form an opinion and draw conclusions about which roster has the advantage and the best chance to win the next match.

Top 3 Overwatch Teams in the World

We decided to complete our ranking with a story about the most productive eSports clubs that have ever played in Overwatch leagues. Let the situation change every day, as we are talking about one of the most dynamic disciplines in all of electronic sport. However, the organizations listed below have already managed to achieve incredible success and their names will forever remain in the history of Overwatch.

San Francisco Shock

As you can easily guess from the name, San Francisco Shock is an organization representing the North American region, or to be more precise, the USA and the city of San Francisco. The history of the San Francisco Shock began in 2017 when the first roster was formed. Since then, a number of players have left the San Francisco Shock, but today it is safe to say that the club is staffed with outstanding stars. Fans and journalists call the San Francisco Shock a dream team, perhaps we should agree with that statement.

London Spitfire

London Spitfire is a team from Europe whose first roster made itself known in 2017. London Spitfire is owned by Jack Etienne and his eSports organization Cloud9. The club has won major competitions, which made the team famous and allowed it to break into the leaders.

New York Excelsior

New York Excelsior was founded in 2017 in New York City. This Overwatch team is well known all over the world, as its name can often be seen in the lists of the winners of the top tournaments. Every match involving New York Excelsior is a headache for their opponent and a real feast for fans of the game. Original ideas, implementation of the most daring tactics, and the highest level of skill of the players — all this is New York Excelsior!

How are Pro Overwatch Teams Rated for the World Rankings?

The best Overwatch teams are ranked according to their score. Points are awarded to teams for winning prizes in professional tournaments. The more prestigious the event and the higher the honorable place the team takes, the more points will be awarded. The Overwatch pro team rankings consist of the most successful clubs with the highest number of points. Thus, this rating allows a fairly objective assessment of the strength of E-sports organizations. The results of the competitions are recalculated regularly in automatic mode, so on this page you can see the current information as of the current hour.