Top Overwatch Players: Statistics and Leaderboard

# Nickname Name Earnings Rating Last Game
1 Republic of Korea Rascal Dongjun Kim $ 548404 - 3 years ago
2 Republic of Korea Hooreg Dong-eun Lee $ 455976 - 3 years ago
3 Republic of Korea STRIKER Namju Gwon $ 325372 - 3 years ago
4 Republic of Korea Gesture Jaehui Hong $ 324526 - 3 years ago
5 Sweden Nevix Andreas Karlsson $ 321648 - 3 years ago
6 Republic of Korea Profit Junyoung Park $ 320976 - 3 years ago
7 Republic of Korea Fissure Chanhyoeng Baek $ 305467 - 3 years ago
8 Republic of Korea Choihyobin Hyobin Choi $ 303352 - 3 years ago
9 Republic of Korea BIRDRING Ji Hyeok Kim $ 302655 - 3 years ago
10 United States sinatraa Jay Won $ 301290 - 3 years ago
11 United States moth Grant Espe $ 300884 - 3 years ago
12 Republic of Korea Architect Minho Park $ 294197 - 3 years ago
13 Republic of Korea Bdosin Seungtae Choi $ 294041 - 3 years ago
14 Republic of Korea Fury Junho Kim $ 291733 - 3 years ago
15 United States sleepy Nikola Andrews $ 290000 - 3 years ago
16 United States super Matthew Delisi $ 290000 - 3 years ago
17 Republic of Korea NUS Jongseok Kim $ 288320 - 3 years ago
18 Republic of Korea Closer Wonsik Jung $ 285041 - 3 years ago
19 Republic of Korea Smurf Myeong Hwan Yoo $ 283529 - 3 years ago
20 Republic of Korea Viol2t Minki Park $ 280000 - 3 years ago
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Overwatch is one of the top competitive disciplines that are regularly played. Overwatch player statistics allow both professionals, whose work is directly connected with eSports, and ordinary fans to draw conclusions about the success of each player.

Our information portal has compiled a unique Overwatch leaderboard on the basis of statistical data that allows you to follow the career of pro gamers. You will find it on this page and you will be able to find all the information you need about your idol. We tried to make it easy and convenient to use our table.

The Best Overwatch Players According to Experts

Overwatch is a game that opens up the possibility for fans to simply enter and become a part of eSports. We are talking about a unique system, which was proposed by Blizzard Entertainment. The developers were able to implement special mechanisms in Overwatch, which make it easy and simple to apply for amateur tournaments. Anyone can do this. In case the player demonstrates high performance in the amateur competitions, he will be invited to the professional team. This innovative scheme has already allowed many players to start their way in eSports. We want to tell you about the pro Overwatch players who have succeeded and become an example for the fans.

Nam-joo “Striker” Kwon

Striker opens our list of the best Overwatch pro players. This gamer entered the game in 2017. Already in his first matches, he began to show good results and managed to please the fans. Today Striker plays the DPS position on the legendary San Francisco Shock team. He has brought a lot of victories to his team and made the list of the most titled players in Overwatch. During his career, Nam-joo Kwon was able to earn over $600,000 and, according to him, this is not the limit of his abilities yet.

Andreas “Nevix” Karlsson

Nevix continues the list of famous Overwatch player names. Andreas is from Sweden and currently plays for Toronto Defiant as a tank. Nevix’s career began in 2015, so he can be considered one of Overwatch’s veterans. That said, throughout his time playing, Nevix has won elite championships more than once. So in 2019, his team took 1st place in the Overwatch League — 2019 Playoffs and won $1,100,000. At the same time, the fortune of Andreas Karlsson himself is estimated at about $300,000. This is a good result for a professional, however, Nevix is not going to stop there and will continue his career.

Dong-jun “Rascal” Kim

Rascal, a young Overwatch player from South Korea, has been known to game fans since 2016. Starting his way as a young fighter on Team KongDoo Panthera, he was able to achieve a lot of success and serious achievements throughout his career. Today, Dong-jun Kim represents the Philadelphia Fusion Club. The teammates really appreciate Rascal because he has motivated them to win more than once. He is also a versatile player who is good at both DPS and supporting roles. Dong-jun “Rascal” Kim has become one of the highest-ranked players in Overwatch and has earned the love of millions of fans because of his skillful play and dedication.

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