Upcoming League of Legends Tournaments

Date Tournament Prize Game
01.10.2022 World Championship 2022 $ 2000000 LoL
10.09.2022 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 - LoL
01.07.2022 LCL 2022 Summer - LoL
06.06.2022 Esports Balkan League 2022 Summer - LoL
01.06.2022 Mid-Season Invitational 2022 - LoL
01.05.2022 LCK Academy 2022 Spring $ 18438 LoL
01.05.2022 European Masters 2022 Spring - LoL
01.05.2022 A1 Gaming League 2022 - LoL
12.02.2022 LCL 2022 Spring $ 67814 LoL
12.02.2022 LCL Open Cup 2022 Spring - LoL
11.02.2022 LJL 2022 Spring - LoL
11.02.2022 PCS 2022 Spring - LoL
10.02.2022 VCS 2022 Spring - LoL
05.02.2022 LCS 2022 Spring $ 200000 LoL
01.02.2022 SuperLiga 2nd Division 2022 Spring - LoL
01.02.2022 NLC 2nd Division 2022 Spring - LoL
01.02.2022 Liga de Honor Entel 2022 Opening - LoL
01.02.2022 Liga Master Flow 2022 Opening - LoL
29.01.2022 LLA 2022 Opening - LoL
27.01.2022 Claro Stars League 2022 Opening - LoL

The Richest LoL eSports Players

# Nickname Name Earnings
# Nickname Name Earnings
1 Republic of Korea Faker Lee Sang-hyeok $ 1166067
2 Republic of Korea Duke Lee Ho-seong $ 1100629
3 Republic of Korea Bang Bae Jun-sik $ 1005027
4 Republic of Korea Wolf Lee Jae-wan $ 997475
5 China JackeyLove Yu Wen-bo $ 864557
6 Republic of Korea CoreJJ Jo Yong-in $ 756451
7 Republic of Korea Ruler Park Jae-hyuk $ 712906
8 China ning Gao Zhen-ning $ 707964
9 Republic of Korea RooKie Song Eui-jin $ 704004
10 China Baolan Wang Liu-yi $ 677492
11 China Xiaohu Li Yuan-Hao $ 672167
12 Republic of Korea TheShy Kang Dong-geun $ 663451
13 Taiwan Karsa Hung Hau-hsuan $ 656902
14 Republic of Korea Blank Kang Sun-gu $ 651389
15 Republic of Korea Bengi Bae Seong-woong $ 644072
16 Croatia PerkZ Luka Perković $ 628026
17 Denmark Caps Rasmus Winther $ 621582
18 Republic of Korea CuVee Lee Seong-jin $ 583610
19 Republic of Korea Crown Lee Min-ho $ 577347
20 Republic of Korea Ambition Kang Chan-yong $ 575377
21 China Ming Shi Sen-Ming $ 552947
22 Republic of Korea Peanut Han Wang-ho $ 539035
23 China Meiko Tian Ye $ 536511
24 Poland Jankos Marcin Jankowski $ 515728
25 China Mlxg Liu Shi-yu $ 514999
26 Republic of Korea Scout Lee Ye-chan $ 494231
27 China Uzi Jian Zi-hao $ 488098
28 Republic of Korea ShowMaker Heo Su $ 465042
29 Republic of Korea BeryL Cho Geon-hee $ 463966
30 Sweden Rekkles Martin Larsson $ 452272
31 Republic of Korea Ghost Jang Yong-jun $ 450468
32 Denmark Wunder Martin Hansen $ 446993
33 China LetMe Yan Jun-ze $ 433719
34 Republic of Korea Haru Kang Min-seung $ 424936
35 Taiwan SwordArt Hu Shuo-jie $ 423350
36 Republic of Korea Khan Kim Dong-ha $ 415617
37 Bulgaria Hylissang Zdravets Galabov $ 401579
38 Denmark Jensen Nicolaj Jensen $ 392368
39 Republic of Korea Deft Kim Hyuk-kyu $ 385717
40 Republic of Korea Nuguri Jang Ha-gwon $ 384139
41 Republic of Korea Huni Heo Seung-hoon $ 378635
42 Republic of Korea Doinb Kim Tae-sang $ 376768
43 Belgium Bwipo Gabriël Rau $ 372655
44 Denmark Broxah Mads Brock-pedersen $ 370154
45 China Lwx Lin Wei-xiang $ 358891
46 China Crisp Liu Qing-song $ 350157
47 Slovenia Mikyx Mihael Mehle $ 342880
48 China ClearLove Ming Kai $ 340146
49 China Tian Gao Tian-liang $ 339859
50 France sOAZ Paul Boyer $ 337114

League of Legends eSports — The Classic of Competitive MOBA!

Probably not a person in the world today who plays video games and has never heard of League of Legends, the world’s most popular MOBA. The company Riot Games released this game in 2009. Essentially, LoL is a continuation of the idea of Defense of the Ancients, an amateur map released for the Warcraft 3 strategy. Released as a separate edition and on its engine, the game quickly began to gain an audience of fans. Today the total number of players registered on the League of Legends servers exceeds the mark of 100 million people. At the same time, more than 5 million players make up the daily online presence. These figures allow us to conclude that the LoL is one of the most successful projects implemented in the history of the gaming industry. Given the public interest, the enormous number of players, and the competitive potential, it is not surprising that LoL eSports has become the most massive discipline on the planet.

How To Play League of Legends To Get Into eSports?

Many gamers dream of building a career in professional eSports LoL. It’s hard to do, but not impossible.

First, let’s understand how the gameplay works. Players, divided into two teams, choose their own Champions. There are over 140 Champions in total — characters, each with unique abilities and characteristics. The task of the players is to, acting together, move deep into enemy positions. In the process will have to destroy enemy structures, as well as kill enemy champions and minions. The match will end the moment one of the teams destroys the enemy’s main structure.

To become a top player and get a pass in League of Legends eSports it is necessary to learn all the features of the game, including the skills of all the characters, the economic component, and other game aspects. It is also important to be able to maintain contact with teammates. After all, it is a team game, so it is impossible to win it alone. Well-coordinated actions of all the players of the team are the basis of victory. You can try to create your team and apply to an amateur tournament. Perhaps this will be your first step on the path to LoL eSport.

LoL eSports: A Success Story and World Popularity

Today, eSports in League of Legends is the main driving force of the entire global gaming industry. The extensive fan base, high level of organization and holding tournaments, sponsorship support, spectacular matches, and other factors help the game to develop and shape the global e-sports market. We will tell you about some of the features that affect the hosting of competitive events.

  • Riot Games is the organizer of most major tournaments, chief among which is the World Championship. It has been held since 2011 on an annual basis. The strongest teams, which have passed the selection and showed high results on the results of professional leagues competitions, take part in it. The prize fund of each championship may vary from year to year, but its size exceeds one million dollars.
  • In recent years, League of Legends eSports tournaments have been breaking all records. For example, the semifinal match of the 2019 World Championship was watched by almost 4 million people at the same time. This is the absolute record for the number of viewers that was achieved during the broadcasts of e-sports events.
  • Riot Games pays attention to fans and supports their endeavors in every possible way. The fan community actively develops cosplay on the game’s characters. Also in LoL, there is its own music band, which sings the songs related to the plot of the game events. Large championships are not only eSports matches, but also shows, where you can see the performances of cosplayers and musicians.

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