LoL Roster Changes and Recent Player Transfers

Date Player Former Team New Team

As in other eSports disciplines, LoL transfers play a big role for any team that wants to win big tournaments. Just like in big sports, the personnel largely determines the style of play and performance of clubs. That is why managers are very careful in selecting candidates for the role of new members of the eSports team.

There is no denying that League of Legends transfers are extremely important for both players and teams. The right roster promises victories in major LoL tournaments, and therefore good money. Currently, eSports has become not only a popular type of competition but also a real business, which draws the attention of big brands and invests serious amounts of money. In particular, this is confirmed by the size of players’ salaries, prescribed in their contracts, as well as the cost of transfers.

League of Legends roster changes, during which the transfer of a famous and respected player becomes the object of the closest attention of both Esports media and fans of the game. Sometimes such transitions acquire the status of the most significant events of the gaming season. We regularly monitor eSports roster changes in this game and publish them on our website on a timely basis.

On this page, you can find detailed information on the transfers of eSports players from one club to another, as well as the terms of the transfer contracts.