LoL Tournaments: Schedule, Prizes, and Winners

# Tournament Prize Money Teams Players Teams /
01.10.2022 World Championship 2022 $ 2000000 - - - / -
10.09.2022 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 - - - - / -
01.07.2022 LCL 2022 Summer - 8 - 8 / -
06.06.2022 Esports Balkan League 2022 Summer - 8 - 8 / -
01.06.2022 Mid-Season Invitational 2022 - 12 - 12 / -
01.05.2022 LCK Academy 2022 Spring $ 18438 8 - 8 / -
01.05.2022 European Masters 2022 Spring - - - - / -
01.05.2022 A1 Gaming League 2022 - 8 - 8 / -
12.02.2022 LCL 2022 Spring $ 67814 8 - 8 / -
12.02.2022 LCL Open Cup 2022 Spring - 8 - 8 / -
11.02.2022 LJL 2022 Spring - 8 - 8 / -
11.02.2022 PCS 2022 Spring - 10 - 10 / -
10.02.2022 VCS 2022 Spring - 8 - 8 / -
05.02.2022 LCS 2022 Spring $ 200000 10 - 10 / -
01.02.2022 SuperLiga 2nd Division 2022 Spring - 10 50 10 / 50
01.02.2022 NLC 2nd Division 2022 Spring - 10 - 10 / -
01.02.2022 Liga de Honor Entel 2022 Opening - 12 - 12 / -
01.02.2022 Liga Master Flow 2022 Opening - 12 - 12 / -
29.01.2022 LLA 2022 Opening - 8 - 8 / -
27.01.2022 Claro Stars League 2022 Opening - 8 - 8 / -
1 2 3 50

League of Legends eSports Tournaments — Everything You Need To Know

Modern eSports is rapidly growing and becoming a new global trend. The total number of fans, fond of competitive games has passed the mark of half a billion people. At the same time, about 1/5 of this number belong to fans of the discipline LoL — the world-famous representative of the MOBA genre. League of Legends tournaments has become the most popular and massive competition in the history of eSports. We will tell you more about the peculiarities of these events.

League of Legends World Championship

Do you know what is the most important and massive competition in terms of views in the entire eSports community? The LoL World Championship, of course. This event is hosted by Riot Games. In 2009 this company released League of Legends, and in 2011 the first World Championship took place. This tournament took place in the Swedish city of Jönköping. Eight teams gathered at the conference center “Elmia” to compete for the prize fund of $ 100,000. Considering the scale of today’s eSports events, these numbers seem rather modest. The LoL Championship is held annually, usually in the autumn months. Twenty-four teams, selected from different regions, participate in the competition.

The event location may vary. So, in different years, the champ in addition to Sweden was held in the United States, China, South Korea, Germany, France, and other countries. However, each year the League of Legends tournament has caused a storm of excitement among spectators. Riot Games are making every effort to make the competition as memorable as possible. Therefore, at the main event of the year, fans can see the colorful battle scenes, projected with the help of augmented reality technology. Popular musical performers, including the virtual band K/DA, which is the League of Legends’ calling card, warm up the show. This format of events is very popular with viewers, which is reflected in the numbers. In 2019, the World Championships set a record for the number of spectators. The semifinal match was watched simultaneously by almost 4 million viewers. This is an absolute record, recorded in the history of broadcasting eSports matches.

League of Legends Championships Prize Pools

By now you know that LoL is number one in eSports in terms of popularity and the number of spectators who watch the competitions. What about the size of the prize money?

League of Legends tournaments allows teams to earn great money. For example, the prize money at the last World Championships was $2,250,000. Compared with the main Dota 2 tournament, where more than $40 million is played, this figure seems rather modest. However, according to many experts, the amount of 2 million for a prestigious tournament is more than enough. In addition, teams compete several times a year in tournaments LoL that are part of regional leagues. For example, events of the League of Legends European Championship series have prize funds of 200,000 euros. This allows successful players to earn a fortune during the playing season.

How Did League of Legends Tournaments Work?

All professional competitions, which are held on a regular basis, can be divided by the format of the holding into LAN and online. The first option implies the presence of all teams in person in the eSports arena. Online LoL tournaments are held remotely. This means that team members can play matches from the comfort of their own homes. As a rule, the LAN format is more suitable for large championships. This allows fans to visit the event and personally express their respect for their idols. At the same time, the organizers prefer to hold qualifications online. Competitions are held in a classic eSports format — “Best of 1/3/5”, implying that a certain number of rounds will be played per match. Their maximum number will not exceed 1, 3, or 5, respectively. The winner of the match will be the team that defeats their opponent in the largest number of rounds.

Complete Information About the LoL Competitions on ePlay-Info

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