Top LoL Pro Teams: World Rankings and Earnings

# Team Earnings Rating Last Game
1 T1T1 $ 6012193 153.00 10 months ago
2 iGiG $ 3613485 - 10 months ago
3 RNGRNG $ 3360831 89.24 10 months ago
4 G2G2 $ 2951774 - 10 months ago
5 EDGEDG $ 2781619 488.75 10 months ago
6 SSGSSG $ 2778033 - 4 years ago
7 FNCFNC $ 2659801 34.21 10 months ago
8 DKDK $ 2328690 119.00 10 months ago
9 C9C9 $ 1684867 89.24 10 months ago
10 FPXFPX $ 1676389 5.95 10 months ago
11 TLTL $ 1348419 38.25 10 months ago
12 SKT.KSKT.K $ 1186607 - 8 years ago
13 FWFW $ 1181683 - 3 years ago
14 TSMTSM $ 1160932 9.35 1 year ago
15 TESTES $ 1139280 5.95 10 months ago
16 WEWE $ 1131628 - 10 months ago
17 SNSN $ 1129112 - 1 year ago
18 TPATPA $ 1025000 - 6 years ago
19 SSWSSW $ 1023280 - 8 years ago
20 JDGJDG $ 948656 - 10 months ago
1 2 3 186

League of Legends Team Rankings — The Best eSports Rosters in LoL

Especially for fans of eSports competitions, we have developed the LoL team ranking. This is a list of League of Legends eSports teams from different regions and countries, playing in tournaments and championships. The position of the organization in the list reflects its performance and gives an opportunity to judge the form in which a particular team is at a given period of time.

LoL eSports ranking is compiled on the basis of the obtained game statistics, which are regularly updated, and in accordance with it, the position of teams at the top is updated. This process takes place automatically online, so you can be sure that you get the latest and most relevant information on our site.

In League of Legends, teams are constantly competing against each other, trying to reach the highest ranks of the top. Why is this so important? The more often League of Legends teams win, the more money and glory they earn. The support of the fans is very important for the players and also the popularity of the team directly influences the amount of sponsorship. Thus, the most famous LoL teams can qualify for serious cash injections from investors.

The Most Famous LoL Worlds Teams

The League of Legends teams that have become famous has come a long and difficult way to become successful. We want to tell you about the most famous clubs that have gained international fame and made it to the top of our ranking. Each team’s story is illustrative and can serve as an example for aspiring players who dream to build a professional eSports career.


T1 from South Korea was founded in 2014. It seems that these guys decided to prove to the whole planet that they should be the number 1 in the world. And it has to be said that they are succeeding. Holders of several world titles, T1 doesn’t seem to recognize failure. Their opponents are constantly on edge because the slightest mistake could cause T1 to take over the game, and if they do, they won’t rest until they destroy the enemy Nexus. Certainly, such a worthy pro League of Legends team deserves a mention on our list.

Royal Never Give Up

A team of professional players from China called Royal Never Give Up was formed in 2015. RNGU quickly enough managed to become a favorite in its region and win the love of not only Chinese fans, but also fans of eSports from all over the world. Today this eSports LoL team is one of the strongest, proving it with victories in prestigious championships.

Invictus Gaming

Invictus Gaming is a team formed in China in 2011. At the moment the roster is made up of both Chinese and South Korean players. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best organizations that ever played in the League of Legends. Just look at the winning stats and the list of titles to see for yourself.

Evaluation Criteria for League of Legends Teams

We are very responsible for the process of forming the top, as we understand how important a tool that is used by professionals. Its main purpose is to show the strength of clubs that compete in professional tournaments. That is why we thoroughly collect statistics on all LoL eSports teams, taking into account their performance in competitions. At the same time, we record special points to their account, which we accrue only for prizes. The more important an event is, the more points are credited for the victory. The LoL teams that can get the most points will be able to head the world rankings.