League of Legends Player Rankings — Highest Level eSports Players

# Nickname Name Earnings Rating Last Game
1 Republic of Korea Faker Lee Sang-hyeok $ 1166067 355 % 10 months ago
2 Republic of Korea Duke Lee Ho-seong $ 1100629 - 3 years ago
3 Republic of Korea Bang Bae Jun-sik $ 1005027 10 % 1 year ago
4 Republic of Korea Wolf Lee Jae-wan $ 997475 - 3 years ago
5 China JackeyLove Yu Wen-bo $ 864557 272 % 10 months ago
6 Republic of Korea CoreJJ Jo Yong-in $ 756451 105 % 10 months ago
7 Republic of Korea Ruler Park Jae-hyuk $ 712906 363 % 10 months ago
8 China ning Gao Zhen-ning $ 707964 - 1 year ago
9 Republic of Korea RooKie Song Eui-jin $ 704004 241 % 10 months ago
10 China Baolan Wang Liu-yi $ 677492 6 % 1 year ago
11 China Xiaohu Li Yuan-Hao $ 672167 408 % 10 months ago
12 Republic of Korea TheShy Kang Dong-geun $ 663451 238 % 10 months ago
13 Taiwan Karsa Hung Hau-hsuan $ 656902 242 % 10 months ago
14 Republic of Korea Blank Kang Sun-gu $ 651389 129 % 1 year ago
15 Republic of Korea Bengi Bae Seong-woong $ 644072 - 5 years ago
16 Croatia PerkZ Luka Perković $ 628026 249 % 10 months ago
17 Denmark Caps Rasmus Winther $ 621582 173 % 10 months ago
18 Republic of Korea CuVee Lee Seong-jin $ 583610 - 2 years ago
19 Republic of Korea Crown Lee Min-ho $ 577347 - 2 years ago
20 Republic of Korea Ambition Kang Chan-yong $ 575377 - 1 year ago
1 2 3 445

Have you noticed how popular eSports has become over the past few years? There are many competitive disciplines in the world today, but the most famous one stands out. We are talking about the League of Legends. The number of fans of this e-sport exceeds 100 million people! These people enjoy watching popular tournaments and supporting their favorite eSports players. No wonder the best League of Legends players are held in high esteem and respected by fans. The names of the top gamers are known today even to those people who are far from the eSports and gaming industry. If you are interested in gaming competitions and follow the LoL player stats, you will definitely like our information service! We have compiled a ranking of League of Legends players that includes famous names, so you can open this page at any time and get comprehensive information about each pro gamer.

The Best LoL Players: Famous Names in the Discipline

Top LoL players are professionals who have shown high results in tournaments. These are people who earn hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars per year, and their names are often seen in the eSports news. It is quite difficult to build a career in League of Legends, so those who have succeeded, have become examples and idols for the army of millions of fans. We want to introduce you to the biographies of the pro gamers who were able to succeed in LoL.

Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok

At the top of our list is a player named Lee Sang-hyeok. This native of South Korea is known to fans by his nickname Faker. He has been playing on the professional stage since 2013 until now. Throughout his career, Lee has shown incredible tenacity and was able to prove to the world that he is worthy to be called the best of the best. He’s had as many as three world championship wins, multiple prestigious awards, and over a million dollars earned in tournaments under his belt. There are few people who have had such a dizzying and successful career in eSports. Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok is undoubtedly the current leader in the discipline.

Bae “Bang” Jun-sik

South Korea is considered the forge where the most prolific gamers are forged for a reason. The career of Bae “Bang” Jun-sik, a member of the Afreeca Freecs team, is proof of that. The future legend began his journey in electronic sports in 2012. During this time, Bang had time to change several teams, but everywhere he demonstrated an incredible game. Twice world champion, winner of prestigious awards, dollar millionaire — all about him. Today, Bae Jun-sik plays at the AD Carry position and is considered one of the best League of Legends players in that class.

Lee “Wolf” Jae-wan

Last on the leaderboard, but by no means last in the game, is a player named Lee “Wolf” Jae-wan. He is a two-time world champion and has earned over a million dollars over the course of his career. Wolf has now finished his career as a professional player, but he hasn’t left eSports. He has become a popular streamer and produces interesting and useful content for all League of Legends fans.

LoL Player Stats: Update Every Day!

The results and the salary of the players in League of Legends play a key role because it is the basis for the rating of gamers. It is important to take into account all the statistics, which are shown by the players in the matches. This is a huge amount of numbers and data, which is difficult for an ordinary person to keep track of. That is why our information service has compiled a unique rating table. We regularly update this data, because we understand that these are very important tools for analysis. Statistics allow the coach to understand the performance of his player. Sponsors use them to evaluate an eSports player’s performance and decide whether to invest in a career. For casual fans, statistical results allow them to follow the career of their idol and rejoice in his achievements.

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