Hearthstone Tournament Schedule and Prize Pools

# Tournament Prize Money Teams Players Teams /
17.12.2022 Hearthstone World Championship 2022 $ 500000 - 16 - / 16
25.09.2022 Grandmasters 2022 Season 2 Last Call - - 8 - / 8
01.09.2022 Hearthstone Masters Seasonal 2022 Autumn $ 50000 - 16 - / 16
20.08.2022 Hearthstone Masters 2022 Tour 6 $ 250000 - 16 - / 16
20.07.2022 Hearthstone Masters 2022 Tour 5 $ 250000 - 16 - / 16
20.06.2022 Hearthstone Masters 2022 Tour 4 $ 250000 - 16 - / 16
01.06.2022 Hearthstone Masters Seasonal 2022 Summer $ 50000 - 16 - / 16
20.05.2022 Hearthstone Masters 2022 Tour 3 $ 250000 - 16 - / 16
20.04.2022 Hearthstone Masters 2022 Tour 2 $ 250000 - 16 - / 16
25.02.2022 Grandmasters 2022 Season 1 America - - 8 - / 8
25.02.2022 Grandmasters 2022 Season 1 Europe - - 8 - / 8
25.02.2022 Grandmasters 2022 Season 1 Asia-Pacific - - 8 - / 8
18.02.2022 Hearthstone Masters 2022 Tour 1 $ 250000 - 16 - / 16
18.12.2021 Hearthstone World Championship 2021 $ 500000 - 8 - / 8
19.11.2021 Masters Tour 2021 Undercity $ 250000 - 16 - / 16
22.10.2021 Masters Tour 2021 Stormwind $ 250000 - 16 - / 16
08.10.2021 Grandmasters 2021 Season 2 America $ 162000 - 8 - / 8
08.10.2021 Grandmasters 2021 Season 2 Asia-Pacific $ 162000 - 8 - / 8
08.10.2021 Grandmasters 2021 Season 2 EMEA $ 162000 - 8 - / 8
27.08.2021 Masters Tour 2021 Silvermoon $ 250000 - 16 - / 16
1 2 3 16

Hearthstone Tournaments: World Championships and Other Competition Formats

Hearthstone is a famous online card game, which saw the light in 2014 thanks to the efforts of developers from Blizzard Entertainment. The Blizzard team was able to create a unique game, the action of which takes place in the world of the Warcraft universe beloved by players. Card duels appealed to players, and the game quickly gained an army of fans.

But the main achievement was the breakthrough in eSports. Hearthstone is known as the first online card game in the world to be listed as a competitive discipline. Maybe Hearthstone tournaments are inferior in popularity to League of Legends or Dota 2 competitions, but the card game did not pretend to become a mass discipline. Hearthstone champs take place all year round and are very diverse. They take place both online and at large venues with real spectators.

Everything You Need to Know About Hearthstone Pro Tournaments

Hearthstone has been around since 2014, but fans’ interest in it hasn’t waned to this day. Blizzard Entertainment tries to diversify the gameplay and periodically releases updates, such as Hearthstone Battlegrounds. In addition, the developers are very active in the organization of competitions. Professional eSports tournaments at Hearthstone are either personally managed by Blizzard or entrusted to trusted tournament operators. Each event is a feast for fans of the game. Supporters can participate in contests, interact with their idols, in short, have fun. Meanwhile, eSports players are more serious, as they are focused on the game. Their motivation is quite high, as the prize pool for a major tournament can reach several hundred thousand dollars.

Basic Types and Rules of Hearthstone Tournaments

All competitions can be divided into three types, each of which is unique in its way:

  • Conquest. The player who had the upper hand in the last round changes decks, while the defeated player may keep his cards. This is a real test for deck-matching tactics.
  • Last Hero Standing. Unlike Conquest, the rules of this type of competition limit the winner to change decks — he must continue to play the same set of cards as in the last game. The player who loses must change classes.
  • Strike. The rules of this type ban matchups, not classes. At the end of the ban phase, the game picks up decks for the contestants in automatic mode.

Hearthstone Tournament Formats, Grid Types, and Class Peaks

Competitions are based on the following tournament grids:

  1. Single elimination. The player who loses a round is eliminated from the competition.
  2. Double elimination. The round looser falls to the bottom grid. After one more loss, the player is eliminated from the competition.

Matches are played in the standard eSports format Bo1, Bo3, Bo5. The number indicates the maximum number of rounds per match.

The following options are most commonly used for class peaks:

  • Blind. Players do not know which class the enemy has chosen. Class selection is done blindly.
  • Simultaneous peak. Players choose decks and classes blindly, as in the previous variant. However, after one player commits a spade, the opponent will know his choice.
  • One at a time. This option involves a series of bans and peaks, which are carried out by players in order.

Which Hearthstone Tournaments Are Worth Checking Out?

The eSports community life of the game never stops. You can watch championship broadcasts or attend them in person all year round. We can recommend the following series of tournaments to you:

DreamHack — a league organized by a company of the same name. Each Hearthstone tournament held within the framework of this series becomes a big event for players and fans alike. Here you will see some of the brightest and most impressive matches.

Masters Tour — includes large-scale contests, which Blizzard is responsible for organizing. Hundreds of players from all over the world fight to share the prize pool of hundreds of thousands of dollars. The events are held in major cities around the world and draw large crowds of spectators.

Grandmasters — another elite series of tournaments Hearthstone from the game creators. In these championships, the world’s best players who take first place will not only receive a cash prize, but also a trip to the World Championship.

Hearthstone World Championship

Our story about Hearthstone’s biggest eSports tournaments wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention the World Championship. It’s a huge event that takes place every year at BlizzCon. This is where you will find the most interesting duels between wizards. The winner receives thousands of dollars and the prestigious title of champion. Perhaps this is one of the most important Hearthstone world championships not only in the game but in the entire eSports industry.