Hearthstone Team Rankings and Earnings

# Team Earnings Rating Last Game
1 CHNCHN $ 121125 - 3 years ago
2 LFLF $ 110750 - 2 years ago
3 CelestialCelestial $ 90200 - 4 years ago
4 ComplexityComplexity $ 90200 0.05 4 years ago
5 RNGRNG $ 77675 78.75 2 years ago
6 LULLUL $ 75000 - 4 years ago
7 PDPD $ 74500 - 4 years ago
8 CZECZE $ 67400 - 2 years ago
9 WEWE $ 65675 98.44 2 years ago
10 LiquidLiquid $ 56050 13.13 2 years ago
11 IGIG $ 52175 - 2 years ago
12 UKRUKR $ 50625 - 3 years ago
13 BRABRA $ 45625 - 3 years ago
14 eStareStar $ 44400 - 6 years ago
15 AllianceAlliance $ 43000 - 4 years ago
16 T1T1 $ 42751 0.06 2 years ago
17 NZLNZL $ 39000 - 2 years ago
18 LuminosityLuminosity $ 38000 - 5 years ago
19 NORNOR $ 37000 - 2 years ago
20 HKGHKG $ 31500 - 2 years ago
1 2 3 33

Famous Hearthstone eSports Teams

Hearthstone tournaments have become a very popular phenomenon, which is actively discussed in the eSports community. Therefore, if you want to follow the trends, you simply must know and understand which of the Hearthstone teams currently shows the best results. A special rating made by our analysts will help you with this task. The ranking reflects the positions that the teams occupy at the top of the world. The closer a Hearthstone team is to the top of the list, the more victories its players have recorded.

This information will be useful for everyone interested in eSports and this discipline. Thus, fans will be able to find out at any time what places their favorite Hearthstone teams occupy at the world’s top. And for those who are seriously interested in betting on eSports matches, the rating will be a tool to assess the strength of teams before the game and get an idea of their chances to win.

In addition, this list is used by sponsors and advertisers — those companies and brands that invest large sums of money in eSports. The Hearthstone team rankings allow them to highlight worthy candidates who can be involved in the advertising campaign and understand what can be expected from marketing.

The top is based on statistics that take into account all the wins and losses of professional teams in tournaments and championships, as well as the amount of money earned and other factors. We regularly update the statistics to save you time. Thanks to this you always have at your fingertips a convenient and reliable tool that allows you to quickly assess the situation in the professional scene.

The Best Hearthstone Teams and Their Success Stories

The Hearthstone teams at the top of our list are legendary eSports organizations that have earned worldwide fame and renown for their superior play. The top eSports teams are stellar teams with hundreds of thousands of dollars under their belt. Perhaps every player dreams to build a dizzying career and become a part of such a club. We hope that you will find it interesting to learn the stories of the most successful organizations. Maybe their experience will motivate you and after a while, you will become a professional player playing for a popular club.


Nihilum is a European organization that has been competing in the Hearthstone discipline since 2015. This club has brought up many famous eSports players who have gained worldwide recognition. The team includes gamers such as Lothar, Rdu, ThijsNL and Lifecoach. The Nihilum organization has been able to show its best side throughout its existence by winning prestigious championships.


This organization is represented in various eSports disciplines, and since 2016 one of its squads has been participating in Hearthstone competitions as well. The team was able to gain the support of a huge number of fans and enter the list of the top Hearthstone teams. Wins in major championships have brought them a large number of points, which has had a positive effect on their stats and has allowed them to reach the top of our rankings. Virtus.Pro is a leader on the modern eSports scene, which confidently defeats the strongest opponents.

Complexity Gaming

Complexity Gaming created a Hartstone roster in 2014 that still exists today. The team is known not only in its home country of the United States, you can meet its fans all over the world. Thanks to skillful play and expertly played card games, Complexity Gaming players have won the toughest matches. These victories are counted in the team’s stats, giving Complexity Gaming a place of honor among the other leaders.