Dota 2 Player Transfers and Recent Roster Changes

Date Player Former Team New Team

Dota 2 transfers involve a player moving from one eSports team to another. It happens regularly in Dota. Such a change of teams is a fairly common phenomenon that can happen in the career of every player. The reasons for leaving the club and switching to another may be very different. Some gamers leave teams and go to new clubs because they do not see the opportunity to further grow and develop in eSports. Other players are dissatisfied with the atmosphere that prevails within the team. Others are simply offered better contract terms. Managers are trying to recruit top professionals to strengthen their club, so they are not stingy and make generous offers to good professionals.

Dota 2 roster changes have a serious impact on the results for the whole team. Since there may only be five players on the battlefield at a time, the substitution of even one player affects the outcome of the confrontation. Club management pays the gamers high salaries, as well as creates the conditions for comfortable training and work in the team. This is to ensure that the five players can work together and act during the match as a cohesive unit. When a player leaves the team and a new member replaces him, it takes time for the team to learn how to play with new members.

On this page you can always find out all the latest Dota 2 transfers and find out what changes to the team rosters have happened recently. We also publish the terms of contracts, so you can easily find out the most expensive transfers of the current year.