Upcoming Dota 2 Tournaments and Champs

# Tournament Prize Money Teams Players Teams /
07.10.2022 The International 2022 $ 1600000 18 - 18 / -
10.09.2022 2022 Asian Games - - - - / -
04.08.2022 Dota Pro Circuit 2022 Major 3 $ 500000 18 - 18 / -
06.06.2022 4D Esports DPC South America Tour 3 $ 280000 16 - 16 / -
06.06.2022 Beyond The Summit DPC Southeast Asia Tour 3 $ 280000 16 - 16 / -
06.06.2022 DreamLeague Season 18 DPC Europe $ 280000 16 - 16 / -
06.06.2022 ESL One DPC North America Summer $ 280000 16 - 16 / -
06.06.2022 EPIC Esports DPC CIS Tour 3 $ 280000 16 - 16 / -
06.06.2022 Perfect World DPC China Tour 3 $ 280000 16 - 16 / -
11.05.2022 Dota Pro Circuit 2022 Major 2 $ 500000 18 - 18 / -
14.03.2022 Beyond The Summit DPC Southeast Asia Tour 2 $ 280000 16 - 16 / -
14.03.2022 DreamLeague Season 17 DPC Europe $ 280000 16 - 16 / -
14.03.2022 ESL One DPC North America Spring $ 280000 16 - 16 / -
14.03.2022 EPIC Esports DPC CIS Tour 2 $ 280000 16 - 16 / -
14.03.2022 Perfect World DPC China Tour 2 $ 280000 16 - 16 / -
14.03.2022 4D Esports DPC South America Tour 2 $ 280000 16 - 16 / -
19.01.2022 Intel World Open Beijing $ 300000 8 41 8 / 41
17.01.2022 Asian Elite League 2022 Season 1 $ 6000 6 - 6 / -
15.01.2022 Asia New Star Cup Season 2 $ 10000 8 41 8 / 41
08.01.2022 Bitsler Cup Season 1 $ 15000 8 40 8 / 40
1 2 3 81

Dota 2 Tournaments: Types of Competitions and Popular Events

Dota 2 tournaments take priority in the lives of eSports fans and professional players. For the former, they are an interesting and entertaining spectacle that allows them to experience a lot of vivid impressions. For the latter, Dota tournaments provide an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and advance their careers. Either way, Dota 2 championships in modern eSports are important events that attract a large number of spectators, players, and sponsors. The latter are increasingly looking at eSports and, in particular, Dota 2 competitions as a profitable investment.

If you want to learn how to deal with competitions in this popular MOBA, then read this article carefully. You will find a lot of useful information that will help you better understand how competitive events work and what their features are.

Types and Formats of the Biggest Dota 2 Tournaments

Every year there are dozens of contests in the eSports discipline Dota 2. In order not to get confused in this diversity and to separate one Dota 2 tournament from another, let’s try to classify them. To do this we will use the basic classification methods used by professionals. This approach will allow us to understand which Dota 2 tournament is the most prestigious and therefore the most interesting to watch.

LAN and Online Tournaments

All competitive events differ in format. LAN events are held in an arena where teams come and fans can come and support them. The most elite championships are usually held in the LAN format.

Dota 2 online tournaments are held remotely and do not require the personal presence of the players. This format is used for qualification as well as for amateur competitions.

Amateur and Professional Tournaments

Now we have to figure out who will be participating in the matches. Prestigious championships, such as The International, are held for professional teams and are widely covered in all media. Getting to such an event as a participant is not an easy task, and only the best teams can win first place. But the rewards for winning justify the effort. The Dota World Champions write their names in the history of eSports forever. In addition, they receive a large monetary reward of several million dollars.

Amateur championships can include competitions that are held for beginners. Becoming a member of such an event is not difficult at all. But also the attention of the public amateur Dota 2 tournaments practically do not attract. If there is a prize pool, it is most likely purely symbolic.

However, amateur championships are popular among newcomers. Why is this? The answer is simple. Victories in amateur matches allow you to make the first steps to building a career.

Most Famous Dota 2 Tournaments

So, now that we’ve covered the types and format of the competitions, we can move on to the major championships that you should pay attention to.

The most anticipated event of the year is the Dota World Championship. On top of that, there are five majors and five minors every year. Majors are the main tournaments after The International, with a prize pool of $1,000,000. Minors — secondary competitive events, so their prize pool is more modest and amounts to $300,000 per tournament. Dota Pro Circuit points are awarded for event wins. The teams with the most points receive a direct invitation to the World Championship.

The International

The International is the largest Dota 2 tournament and is eagerly awaited by millions of eSports fans each year. The World Championship has been held since 2011, and each next The International draws more and more viewers. The size of the prize pool is also growing. In 2021, for example, more than $40 million was raffled off among 18 teams. This is the most significant event in terms of monetary rewards in all of eSports! If you open the World Championship standings in Dota 2, you will see among the participants the names of the strongest teams from all over the world. The International is an event that no eSports fan should miss.


If the organizer of the World Championship is the company Valve — the developer of the game, the less prestigious Dota 2 tournaments are held under the auspices of tournament operators. One of such operators is DreamHack, which holds major competitions in various eSports disciplines, including Dota 2, twice a year. Events held within Dream League are considered to be incredibly spectacular and combine elements of the show, so they enjoy great success with the audience.


The league from ESL, the world’s oldest eSports organization, has been in existence since 1997. Large events, including majors and minors, take place every year under the auspices of ESL. All of them are well known to eSports fans and widely covered in the media.

Up-to-date Information About Dota 2 Championships on Our Website

You know which competitions are among the elite events and probably want to watch the broadcasts of matches held as part of these events. Or maybe even buy a ticket and attend a tournament in person. To make sure you don’t miss any important championships, we’ve added a Dota 2 tournament schedule to this page. Now you can find out when Dota 2 tournaments are coming up at any time. We track all changes in the tournament calendar and update the schedule regularly. So you can be sure you’ll get accurate information on time.