Top Dota 2 Teams and World Ranking

# Team Earnings Pro Circuit Rating Last Game
1 OGOG $ 34869579 - 5.88 10 months ago
2 LiquidLiquid $ 23012025 - 130.41 10 months ago
3 PSG.LGDPSG.LGD $ 21927648 - 537.60 10 months ago
4 EGEG $ 20899992 - 101.64 10 months ago
5 TSpiritTSpirit $ 18836963 - 779.80 10 months ago
6 SecretSecret $ 15223047 - 229.60 10 months ago
7 NewBeeNewBee $ 13406962 - - 2 years ago
8 VPVP $ 11385942 - 88.48 10 months ago
9 VGVG $ 10448143 - 36.05 10 months ago
10 WingsWings $ 9727127 - - 5 years ago
11 IGIG $ 8110819 - 196.00 10 months ago
12 AllianceAlliance $ 5770833 - 48.93 10 months ago
13 FnaticFnatic $ 4991935 - 55.80 10 months ago
14 NAVINAVI $ 4963502 - - 10 months ago
15 TnCTnC $ 4596694 - - 10 months ago
16 DCDC $ 4395081 - - 4 years ago
17 EHOMEEHOME $ 4009127 - - 10 months ago
18 CDECCDEC $ 3614088 - - 11 months ago
19 LGD.FYLGD.FY $ 3001406 - - 4 years ago
20 MVPMVP $ 2791557 - - 5 years ago
1 2 3 297

Dota 2 eSports Teams — The Best Rosters and Stats

Especially for all fans of eSports, we have compiled a Dota 2 team ranking, which will allow you at any time to get reliable information about the place of Dota 2 pro teams on the world stage. We took into account all available data and compiled our list based on statistics that reflect the real achievements of organizations.

The best Dota 2 teams, who are at the top of our list, are there thanks to their victories in prestigious tournaments and championships. We regularly update the ranking and keep a close eye on the statistics. Now you can evaluate the balance of power and estimate your chances of winning a match — just by looking at their place on the leaderboard. The top Dota 2 teams are famous rosters, the names of which are well known even to those people who do not follow the news of eSports and are far from the world of computer games.

The Most Successful Dota 2 Teams in eSports

All Dota teams have had a difficult journey before becoming famous. Each team’s story is unique and distinctive, which makes it all the more interesting. There is no other way to succeed in eSports than through hard work. We will tell you more about the most famous teams that have achieved great results.

Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses is a stellar team from the United States, which consistently tops the rankings and wins prestigious championships such as The International. The team has existed since 2011 and is a veteran in eSports. Thanks to the interesting ideas and well-coordinated game, this team has become one of the most famous and popular in the world. EG has a large number of fans that support their idols in all tournaments. Could this be the secret of their achievements?


OG is a professional team created in 2015. The first roster was formed from the eSports players of the Monkey Business organization. Already in their first matches the team was able to show cohesion, original tactics, and a high level of skill of the players. This allowed the team to reach the top of the world ranking and gain international fame in a short period. Well, today this fame and earned prestige play into the hands of OG.

Team Liquid

The history of Team Liquid began in 2012 in the United States. Throughout the existence of this team, there have been several changes in its composition. There have been both successful and unsuccessful periods, but thanks to the support of the fans and the will of the players, the team has always found the strength to overcome adversity. Victories in prestigious tournaments allowed the Dota team to become famous and take its place among the other star teams.

LGD Gaming

This pro Dota 2 team from China is known all over the world and is considered to be one of the strongest competitors not only in the Asian region but also in the whole world. Thanks to the coordinated and precise work of all the players, watching LGD Gaming matches is really interesting. Every event with the participation of this organization turns into exciting action. This is probably the reason for the popularity that LGD enjoys among the fans.

Team Secret

Team Secret is an eSports organization founded in 2014. Its irreplaceable captain Puppey was able to gather the best players who showed excellent results in the game seasons of Dota 2. Thanks to the original strategy and quality play, this team has become world-famous. And of course, winning prestigious championships allowed Team Secret to take its place among the most famous Dota 2 teams in the world. If you want to dispute this statement, we recommend you to open the statistics of Team Secret victories. There should be no questions left.


What is the best Dota 2 team at the moment?

The OG team is the leaderboard. Their earnings are already more than 3 million dollars.

Are there any American Dota 2 teams in the rankings?

Dota 2 top teams from the USA are well represented in the world rankings. One of the most famous organizations is Evil Geniuses (EG).

How often the Dota 2 rankings by teams are updated?

The ranking is updated regularly in automatic mode. As soon as teams’ data changes (results, income, roster, etc.), this has a direct effect on the overall leaderboard.