Upcoming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Tournaments

Date Tournament Prize Game
14.12.2022 BLAST Premier World Final 2022 $ 1000000 CS:GO
06.12.2022 Intel Extreme Masters XVII China - CS:GO
22.11.2022 BLAST Premier Fall Finals 2022 $ 425000 CS:GO
22.11.2022 ESL Pro League Season 17 $ 850000 CS:GO
19.10.2022 BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2022 $ 135000 CS:GO
14.10.2022 ESL Challenger at DreamHack Rotterdam 2022 $ 100000 CS:GO
02.09.2022 ESL Challenger at DreamHack Melbourne 2022 $ 100000 CS:GO
31.08.2022 ESL Pro League Season 16 $ 850000 CS:GO
19.08.2022 BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2022 $ 177500 CS:GO
05.07.2022 Intel Extreme Masters Season XVII Cologne $ 1000000 CS:GO
01.07.2022 ESL Challenger at DreamHack Valencia 2022 $ 100000 CS:GO
14.06.2022 BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2022 $ 425000 CS:GO
31.05.2022 Intel Extreme Masters XVII Dallas $ 250000 CS:GO
28.05.2022 Telialigaen Spring 2022 $ 19192 CS:GO
01.05.2022 ESEA Relegation Season 40 - CS:GO
20.04.2022 BLAST Premier Spring Showdown 2022 $ 135000 CS:GO
15.04.2022 LAN Sweet LAN $ 250000 CS:GO
13.04.2022 Copenhagen Games 2022 - CS:GO
02.04.2022 Icelandic Esports League Season 6 - CS:GO
01.04.2022 Elgiganten Ligaen Season 19 $ 12000 CS:GO

The Richest CS:GO eSports Players

# Nickname Name Earnings
# Nickname Name Earnings
1 Denmark gla1ve Lukas Rossander $ 1572245
2 Denmark Magisk Emil Reif $ 1317942
3 Ukraine s1mple Aleksandr Kostyliev $ 1283415
4 Russian Federation electronic Denis Sharipov $ 1169516
5 Brazil TACO Epitacio De Melo $ 1111744
6 Brazil fer Fernando Alvarenga $ 1050138
7 Brazil coldzera Marcelo David $ 1014382
8 United States Stewie2K Jake Yip $ 904100
9 Russian Federation flamie Egor Vasilyev $ 888129
10 Russian Federation Boombl4 Kirill Mikhailov $ 833974
11 Russian Federation Perfecto Ilya Zalutskiy $ 791007
12 United States nitr0 Nick Cannella $ 727700
13 Canada Twistzz Russel Van Dulken $ 721000
14 Ukraine B1T Valeriy Vakhovskiy $ 684975
15 Ukraine Zeus Danylo Teslenko $ 657009
16 Kazakhstan Hobbit Abay Khasenov $ 619759
17 United States RUSH William Wierzba $ 597000
18 Ukraine Edward Ioann Sukhariev $ 582286
19 France RpK Cédric Guipouy $ 537911
20 Estonia ropz Robin Kool $ 531088
21 Canada stanislaw Peter Jarguz $ 514650
22 France Happy Vincent Schopenhauer $ 485654
23 Sweden Golden Maikil Selim $ 474909
24 Sweden Lekr0 Jonas Olofsson $ 465797
25 France ZywOo Mathieu Herbaut $ 463491
26 Denmark k0nfig Kristian Wienecke $ 440952
27 United States Skadoodle Tyler Latham $ 437673
28 United States autimatic Timothy Ta $ 428167
29 Russian Federation Ax1Le Sergey Rykhtorov $ 424395
30 Russian Federation interz Timofey Yakushin $ 422635
31 Russian Federation nafany Vladislav Gorshkov $ 422635
32 Russian Federation sh1ro Dmitry Sokolov $ 422635
33 Sweden Brollan Ludvig Brolin $ 419843
34 United States Brehze Vincent Cayonte $ 411367
35 Finland allu Aleksi Jalli $ 408341
36 France kioShiMa Fabien Fiey $ 405278
37 Brazil fnx Lincoln Lau $ 399885
38 United States Ethan Ethan Arnold $ 398250
39 Bulgaria CeRq Tsvetelin Dimitrov $ 396069
40 Brazil boltz Ricardo Prass $ 387084
41 Brazil felps João Vasconcellos $ 374954
42 Kazakhstan qikert Alexey Golubev $ 371852
43 Kazakhstan buster Timur Tulepov $ 369232
44 Russian Federation Jame Dzhami Ali $ 364352
45 Denmark valde Valdemar Bjørn Vangså $ 357650
46 Russian Federation Dosia Mihail Stolyarov $ 357049
47 France AmaNEk François Delaunay $ 350613
48 Turkey XANTARES Ismailcan Dörtkardeş $ 349397
49 Canada daps Damian Steele $ 346723
50 Denmark Bubzkji Lucas Andersen $ 341203

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive — #1 in Global eSports!

Counter-Strike is a popular multiplayer first-person shooter series that occupies a top position on the competitive video game scene. CS is a veteran of the gaming industry and players were first introduced to it in 1999. True, at that time, CS was just an amateur mode to the popular at that time game Half-Life. However, the company Valve was able to evaluate the potential of the modification and in 2000 released Counter-Strike as a separate game. It was the right decision, as the new shooter really caught the gamers’ taste and occupied a leading position in the video gaming market, competing with such projects as Quake and Unreal. The reasons for the success were the original model of team confrontation and close to the reality of the story part, telling about the anti-terrorist operations. With the release of each subsequent version of the game, the public interest in Counter-Strike only grew.

In 2012, Valve released Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, abbreviated CS:GO, which is still relevant today. The game gained particular popularity thanks to competitions within the CS GO eSports.

The Essence and Rules of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The rules of the game are quite simple. Players are divided into two opposing teams. One team is the special forces, the other is the terrorists. At the beginning of each round, players purchase weapons and equipment that help them perform the combat task. The purchase is done with virtual money, which is earned during the match. Killing the enemy, planting a bomb, or defusing a bomb all earn money to the players’ account. In addition, completing these tasks is a condition for winning the round.

The competitive part of the game consists of 30 rounds, each of which lasts no longer than 1 minute and 55 seconds. The team that can win 16 rounds first wins the map. The entire match may consist of several cards, so to win the match, you must finish the greatest number of cards in your favor.

CS:GO is a team shooter and this has a strong influence on gameplay. Gamers must not only know how to handle different types of weapons but also learn how to work as a team. Only coordinated actions will allow the team to count on success. It is especially important when we are talking not about amateur matches, but about the competitions of professional eSport CSGO.

Counter Strike eSports — A Veteran with World Fame!

The multiplayer shooter CS:GO has had a major impact on the formation and development of gaming competitions around the world. Here are the main reasons why CSGO eSports is a priority trend today:

  • Original and dynamic gameplay, involving team confrontation and fulfillment of special conditions for victory in the match, allowed the game to realize its competitive potential.
  • Availability of the game. Now anyone can download CS:GO and install it on his or her computer, absolutely free of charge. In addition, to learn how to play this shooter at the amateur level, the user does not need a large amount of time. However, the pro level of CS GO eSports involves regular training and serious immersion in the gameplay.
  • Major championships and tournaments are in demand among eSports fans. For example, broadcasts of the top competitive events on the CS gather an audience of several million people. This attracts sponsors and advertisers, who annually pour huge sums into the promotion of eSports.
  • The prize pool of a top championship can be as high as $1,000,000. This is a lot of money, in the struggle for which the best teams must invest maximum effort. In order to achieve efficiency, the management and training process of the teams takes on the features typical of professional sports. At the same time, the profession of eSportsman has become prestigious and in demand, and the demand for gamers is growing every day. Players’ earnings in CS:GO are also increasing.

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