Upcoming CSGO Tournaments: Schedule and Prize Pools

# Tournament Prize Money Teams Players Teams /
14.12.2022 BLAST Premier World Final 2022 $ 1000000 8 - 8 / -
06.12.2022 Intel Extreme Masters XVII China - - - - / -
22.11.2022 BLAST Premier Fall Finals 2022 $ 425000 8 - 8 / -
22.11.2022 ESL Pro League Season 17 $ 850000 24 - 24 / -
19.10.2022 BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2022 $ 135000 16 - 16 / -
14.10.2022 ESL Challenger at DreamHack Rotterdam 2022 $ 100000 8 - 8 / -
02.09.2022 ESL Challenger at DreamHack Melbourne 2022 $ 100000 8 - 8 / -
31.08.2022 ESL Pro League Season 16 $ 850000 24 - 24 / -
19.08.2022 BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2022 $ 177500 12 - 12 / -
05.07.2022 Intel Extreme Masters Season XVII Cologne $ 1000000 24 - 24 / -
01.07.2022 ESL Challenger at DreamHack Valencia 2022 $ 100000 8 - 8 / -
14.06.2022 BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2022 $ 425000 8 - 8 / -
31.05.2022 Intel Extreme Masters XVII Dallas $ 250000 16 - 16 / -
28.05.2022 Telialigaen Spring 2022 $ 19192 10 - 10 / -
01.05.2022 ESEA Relegation Season 40 - - - - / -
20.04.2022 BLAST Premier Spring Showdown 2022 $ 135000 16 - 16 / -
15.04.2022 LAN Sweet LAN $ 250000 16 - 16 / -
13.04.2022 Copenhagen Games 2022 - 16 - 16 / -
02.04.2022 Icelandic Esports League Season 6 - 8 - 8 / -
01.04.2022 Elgiganten Ligaen Season 19 $ 12000 6 - 6 / -
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CS:GO Tournaments — Major Events and Competition Formats

Esport is becoming more and more popular every year. One of the most famous disciplines in which competitions are held at the professional level is the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This is a team shooter that has gained mass popularity. It is one of the top 5 most significant electronic sports. CS GO tournaments cause a storm of emotions among fans of gaming competitions. And every year the Counter Strike tournaments are getting more interesting and attract new fans. If you are interested in eSports and want to know what tourneys are worth paying attention to, then read this text carefully.

The Main Types of Championships in the CS:GO

Each CSGO tournament is unique and unrepeatable in its own way. Every year there are dozens of different competitions of different levels and scales, but any CSGO pro tournament will be different from the previous ones. All competitions can be divided into professional and amateur. What are their differences?

Professional Tournaments

This includes those championships in which only well-known teams who have passed a rigorous selection process can participate. As in classic sports, such events are widely covered in the media and are almost always held in an offline format. LAN tournaments CSGO are held in eSports arenas, and the audience can watch the matches from the stands. Duels in professional competitions are very important for the players. It is the results that will be able to demonstrate the player in the confrontation will depend on the success of his career. As a rule, the first-place team receives a substantial award, which can reach several hundred thousand dollars.

Amateur Tournaments

The CS:GO tournaments for beginners are not as prestigious as those held for professional players. Most often they are poorly covered in the media, you can not always find broadcasts of matches. Almost always the match is played online. Despite the fact that amateur online CS GO tournaments did not cause a stir among eSports fans, they allow novice players to declare themselves. Selection for such events is often simplified, so almost anyone can challenge their opponents. This is how many stars of the modern eSports scene started their journey into professional gaming sports.

What is a Major and Minor in CS?

Major is a prestigious CS:GO championship that takes place twice a year. Winning it allows teams to seriously advance in the rankings, gain fame, and receive substantial rewards. The prize pool for each championship is $2,000,000. Without a doubt, this is the biggest CSGO tournament of those that are held on a regular basis. The desire to win the title of winner of the major makes teams prepare hard for this event. At stake is a lot, so the motivation of the players off the scale. A total of 24 teams from different countries of the world take part in the competition. In order to be among the participants of the Major, eSports teams must pass the stage of the Minors. Four Minors are distributed by region:

  1. Europe;
  2. CIS;
  3. Asia;
  4. America.

Winners from each region receive a pass to Major.

The Biggest CS GO Tournaments in eSports

All majors are supported by Valve, the developer of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. However, Valve delegates competitive events to third-party organizers. This allows for variety and makes the tournaments even more interesting and entertaining.


DreamHack is a world-famous organizer of computer game competitions. CS GO tournaments within the DreamHack series take place twice a year. The LAN format involves the presence of players in the arena, which also gives spectators the opportunity to watch their idols play live. The organizer positions DreamHack not only as a championship but also as a digital festival, where there is a place for various contests for fans, performances of musical bands, etc.

Blast Premier

Blast Premier is a prestigious eSports league organized by RFRSH. The league divides the calendar year into spring and fall seasons. As part of the seasonal events, teams compete for a place in the finals. The total prize reaches $4,250,000, which is even more than the prize pool at the major CS GO tournaments.


Another league that was organized by a company of the same name. ESL is one of the oldest eSports leagues in the world, so it is highly respected by both competitors and spectators. ESL events take place in different cities of the world and always arouse great interest among spectators.

All CS:GO Tournaments at ePlay-Info

Especially for the fans of the game, we have placed a schedule of upcoming CSGO tournaments on our website, and we update it regularly. Now you can find out at any time what dates the next tournaments will be held, get information about the organizers, participants, prize pool size, and other useful information related to the description of competitive events.


What is the largest prize pool in CS:GO?

The Blast Premier Series prize pool totals $4,250,000. In the Global Final, $1,500,000 is played between participants.

What maps are played in CS GO pro tournaments?

Major tournaments use maps with a scenario that involves laying a bomb. Currently, this includes Vertigo, Dust 2, Mirage, Inferno, Nuke, Cache, Overpass, and Train.

What are the eSports rules in CS:GO?

Matches may be played in bo1, bo3, and bo5 formats, where the number represents the maximum number of maps that can be played in a match. The team that can get the upper hand on most maps wins. Victory on the map is awarded to the team that can win the first 16 rounds. When the score is 15:15, overtime is awarded.

Are there any Counter Strike tournaments for beginners?

Yes, and there are plenty of them! There’s nothing stopping you from setting up your own amateur championship. Some big organizations like Starladder have their own amateur division in addition to professional tournaments.

Where can I find the upcoming CS tournaments?

On our website you can get comprehensive information about all the next tournaments. The schedule is updated automatically 24 hours a day, so you can be absolutely sure that we provide you with the most up-to-date information about events in the Counter-Strike.