Top CS GO Teams: Global Rankings and Statistics

# Team Earnings Rating Last Game
1 AstralisAstralis $ 8208726 69.87 11 months ago
2 NAVINAVI $ 7068050 892.50 11 months ago
3 FnaticFnatic $ 4626316 112.00 11 months ago
4 VPVP $ 4143093 474.02 11 months ago
5 LiquidLiquid $ 4106500 235.43 11 months ago
6 FaZeFaZe $ 3899137 155.00 11 months ago
7 G2G2 $ 3106684 755.80 11 months ago
8 MOUZMOUZ $ 3073127 23.28 11 months ago
9 GMBGMB $ 3044604 527.00 11 months ago
10 NiPNiP $ 2978556 473.32 11 months ago
11 SKSK $ 2823155 - 4 years ago
12 C9C9 $ 2457442 - 1 year ago
13 VITVIT $ 2235554 708.42 11 months ago
14 EnvyEnvy $ 2119693 - 1 year ago
15 HeroicHeroic $ 1680375 347.50 11 months ago
16 MiBRMiBR $ 1556050 0.05 11 months ago
17 LuminosityLuminosity $ 1386789 - 3 years ago
18 BIGBIG $ 1342297 45.60 11 months ago
19 OpTicOpTic $ 1301750 - 3 years ago
20 ENCEENCE $ 1240992 6.90 11 months ago
1 2 3 425

World CS:GO Professional Team Ranking

This page presents the CS GO team ranking, which allows you to assess the strength of eSports rosters and their position in the professional arena. The ranking is based on statistics that takes into account wins and losses in competitions, as well as other factors that allow you to evaluate the performance of teams. The top teams include the strongest representatives of the pro scene, who regularly show high results, winning tournaments and getting the titles of the winners of the most prestigious championships. You can open this page at any time to see where your favorite CS team ranks, or to see the odds of winning the game. Now you have a handy tool at your fingertips, which will allow you to assess the balance of power and draw conclusions about which of your opponents has the advantage in the next match.

Pro rankings are updated automatically, so you can not doubt the relevance of the information provided. CSGO best teams represented in the top are known to all the people who are interested in eSports and Counter-Strike. We decided to tell more about the most famous eSports organizations that due to their skills steadily occupy the top lines of our list.

The Best CSGO Teams That Have Achieved Great Success in eSports

The top CSGO teams are stellar organizations that have become legends in eSports through hard work. The road to the goal was not easy for anyone, because in order to succeed and become a leader in discipline, players need to demonstrate all their skills.


Our list of legendary organizations opens with Astralis, a CS GO team from Denmark that has won the most prestigious championships. The history of Astralis begins in 2016. That’s when the first roster of players was formed, which included Cajunb, Karrigan, device, dupreeh and Xyp9x. The irreplaceable coach of the team was Danny Sørensen, also known as Zonic. Thanks to the right strategy backed up by the high level of play of each player, Astralis has been showing excellent results and topping the rankings for several years.


Swedish team Fnatic has been known to CS:GO fans since 2012. During its existence, the composition of the players has changed many times. Fnatic has been represented by famous gamers such as JW, flusha, pronax, KRiMZ, olofmeister, Golden and other stars of eSports. Thanks to the skillful actions of the players and the team captain, Fnatic were able to become winners of many major tournaments and made it to the list of leaders.

Natus Vincere

CS GO eSports teams from the CIS are achieving good results in the competitions. The Natus Vincere team from Ukraine is a perfect proof of that statement. The first NAVI roster was assembled in 2012 and consisted of starix, Zeus, markeloff, ceh9 and Edward — legends known to fans for their performances in Counter-Strike 1.6 tournaments. Having moved to Global Offensive, they were quickly able to find their own unique style of play, which allowed the team to achieve incredible success.

SK Gaming

The SK Gaming team is headquartered in Germany, but its roster has included both European and Brazilian players at various times during its existence. The team’s history began in 2013, during which time SK has seen periods of ups and downs. However, fans know this professional CS:GO team as one of the strongest in the entire world.

Faze Clan

Last on our list, but by no means the last in terms of level of play, is Faze Clan. The team was founded in 2016. Since then, a lot of time has passed, and the team was able to show itself from the best sides, taking awards of major championships in their piggy bank. Today Faze has a huge number of fans who are loyal to their favorites.


What is the best CS GO team at the moment?

The Astralis is the leader among all CSGO pro teams.

How often is the CS:GO team ranking updated?

The leaderboard is updated regularly as soon as new statistical data is available.

What are the criteria used to rank CS:GO teams?

The number of wins and losses in professional tournaments is taken into account. Also, team income is considered for the ranking.