The Best Professional CSGO Players: Ranking, Earnings, and Stats

# Nickname Name Earnings Rating Last Game
1 Denmark gla1ve Lukas Rossander $ 1572245 523 % 11 months ago
2 Denmark Magisk Emil Reif $ 1317942 403 % 1 year ago
3 Ukraine s1mple Aleksandr Kostyliev $ 1283415 693 % 11 months ago
4 Russian Federation electronic Denis Sharipov $ 1169516 645 % 11 months ago
5 Brazil TACO Epitacio De Melo $ 1111744 157 % 11 months ago
6 Brazil fer Fernando Alvarenga $ 1050138 1 % 1 year ago
7 Brazil coldzera Marcelo David $ 1014382 153 % 1 year ago
8 United States Stewie2K Jake Yip $ 904100 570 % 11 months ago
9 Russian Federation flamie Egor Vasilyev $ 888129 218 % 1 year ago
10 Russian Federation Boombl4 Kirill Mikhailov $ 833974 559 % 11 months ago
11 Russian Federation Perfecto Ilya Zalutskiy $ 791007 542 % 11 months ago
12 United States nitr0 Nick Cannella $ 727700 - 2 years ago
13 Canada Twistzz Russel Van Dulken $ 721000 541 % 11 months ago
14 Ukraine B1T Valeriy Vakhovskiy $ 684975 612 % 11 months ago
15 Ukraine Zeus Danylo Teslenko $ 657009 1 % 1 year ago
16 Kazakhstan Hobbit Abay Khasenov $ 619759 584 % 11 months ago
17 United States RUSH William Wierzba $ 597000 114 % 1 year ago
18 Ukraine Edward Ioann Sukhariev $ 582286 3 % 1 year ago
19 France RpK Cédric Guipouy $ 537911 8 % 1 year ago
20 Estonia ropz Robin Kool $ 531088 502 % 11 months ago
1 2 3 548

Not so long ago it seemed strange that people who just play computer games could make money with it. But since eSports has become a global trend, the profession of pro-gamer has become popular and in demand. Today the best CSGO player is a world star, comparable to the fame of the titled footballers or boxers.

But not all gamers make it to the list of top CSGO players. If you follow eSports and you want to know what pro players today show the highest results, then pay attention to the ranking posted on this page. In this table you will find the nicknames of pro CS GO players that you probably know well. We regularly analyze the statistics of all gamers and update our ranking in accordance with its indicators. Now you can find out the results that your idol has shown in recent matches and follow his career at any time!

The Most Famous CSGO Players in the World

On the modern eSports scene, there are several people who have been able to show excellent results in CS:GO tournaments recently. Watching these professionals play is fascinating. You probably know the CS GO players from our top. And if you don’t, we want to introduce you to them!


Oleksandr Kostyliev or “s1mple” is a legend and the hope of the CIS region. He is admired, adored, and looked up to by CS:GO fans. And there is a reason for that. It is thanks to s1mple that the Natus Vincere team can boast victories in a number of prestigious championships. Kostyliev has repeatedly become the best CSGO player of all time according to well-known eSports media and believe, he deserves this title.


Mathieu Herbaut, better known to eSports fans as “ZywOo,” is among the famous players. The career of this French gamer began in 2017. Since then, he has managed to change several teams, and today he is a member of Team Vitality. ZywOo demonstrates excellent sniper rifle shooting in competition. He is so good at it that he has not been out of the top 5 pro CS players for a long time.


Another player from the CIS, who entered the leaderboard. Denis Sharipov or “electroNic” is a Russian player who started his career in 2015. Quite quickly he mastered eSports and became a successful pro gamer. So successful that already in 2017 he was noticed by the managers of Natus Vincere and invited to join this legendary team. That’s where Denis plays to this day, helping his team out and bringing them victories.


The next celebrity we want to talk about is known to the gaming community under the nickname “dev1ce”. Nicolai Reedtz is a Danish player, who is a veteran of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. His way into eSports began in 2012. Under his belt is a lot of tournaments won and prestigious awards. That is why he is worthy of mentioning.


“NiKo” or Nikola Kovac is another veteran of the eSports movement who has become famous. He’s been playing CS:GO for almost 10 years and during that time he’s loved by many fans of the game. On his results, numerous championships were won, and his profile is decorated with honorary titles. NiKo currently plays for G2 Esports.

How Do Amateurs Become Professionals in CS:GO?

If you ask a professional player about it, he will most likely tell you about the importance of training and determination. Indeed, only dedicated gamers who give it their all to win can get into and succeed in eSports. Regular training, self-discipline, the ability to find common ground with teammates, and willpower are the qualities that have the best CSGO player. So if you are seriously thinking about one day getting into the top professionals in CS, you have a hard road ahead of you. But the aims are justified because Counter-Strike allows you to find your place in life, become famous, and start earning good money.

How Much Do Pro CSGO Players Make When Play Matches?

Pro players CSGO get a lot of money for their performances. Of course, the level of their income directly depends on the results they demonstrate. Their main earnings are made up of the salary they get from the organizations and the winnings they get from the tournament prize pool. In addition, famous players may earn extra income from commercials and sponsorships. CSGO top players can earn over a million dollars a year. Of course, not everyone manages to start earning such sums right away. It all starts with small amounts. For example, beginner gamers are content with salaries of about $1,000 per month. However, eSports provides great opportunities for development and earnings. That is why many young people dream of building their careers in electronic sports.


Who is the best CS:GO player for 2022?

According to the results for 2022, the best player is Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev.

Who is the richest player in CS:GO?

By far the biggest earner among CS eSports players can boast the Danish player Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen. His earnings are equal to almost 2 million dollars.

Who is the youngest pro CSGO player at the moment?

Aurimas “Bymas” Pipiras of Team MOUZ is currently one of the youngest gamers in the discipline. Despite his young age, the player has already earned more than $60,000 from the game.